21 rue du Rhône – Genève – Suisse


Références Chaumet

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The Mission :
In the context of an exclusive advisory instruction and location search planned by Chaumet, analyse the luxury Genevan market and suggest sites adaptable/suitable for a branch opening in 2003/2004.

The Solution :
Draco Partners carried out a feasibility study based on a benchmark and key plan focussing on implementations of International Jewellers, with an identification of targets suitable with both technical and financial conditions of the operation determined by the business plan of Chaumet.

The Result :
Chaumet placed its trust in the analysis of Draco Partners for financial planning and entrusted the negotiation of buy back with lease of the Mauboussin store, situated in the heart of the Rue du Rhône, reference site for watch makers and jewellers. This operation was concluded within the budget foreseen for 2003.

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