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Références COS

Références cos

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The Mission :
Research on behalf of COS (Collection Of Style –H&M Group), for a boutique on the left bank. The boutique required a surface area of at least 250m², and had to be in an area where properties of sale areas exceeding 100m² are scarce.

The Solution :
Draco Partners solicited the companies in the specified area (Sèvres, Rennes, and Grenelle), of the setup similar to that specified. The chances were very small but one label (DIESEL) happened to be considering the relevance of keeping a store of this size on Rue de Grenelle.

The Result :
Through Draco Partners, COS has signed its first location on Paris’ left bank, with it’s first store dedicated solely to women’s clothing. The store covers 250 m² on street level with storage in the basement.

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