38 rue Mont Thabor – Paris 1er


Références White Bird

Références White bird

The Mission :
As part of the research done for their first commercial premises, done on behalf of the brand White bird, a new jewellery concept retailing a variety of jewellery created by a range of designers, founded by Stéphanie Roger (ex General Directrice of the Dinh Van jewelers), to identify boutiques in Paris consisting of approx. 50m² located on a stretch of road comprised of “designers”.

The Solution :
Draco Partners identified then consulted the brand Maria Luisa, a trendy multi-label clothing brand, of whom possess two boutiques in the Rue du Mont Thabor, just a few feet away from  the Rue Saint-Honoré. Maria Luisa will be inaugurating a commercial premises in the Printemps, currently hoping to sell their two boutiques.

The Result :
Draco Partners succeeded in the take over of the lease of one of the two boutiques with the signing of a new 9 year lease by White bird. The brand will merchandise jewellery from a selection of designers with prices ranging from €200 – €8,000 in their first commercial establishment, on a surface area of approximately 60m².

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