Audit Commercial – rue de la République – Marseille


Références Atemi

Références Atemi

The Mission :
As part of the process of revaluation of it’s portfolio, ATEMI Immobilier asked Draco Partners to analyse the potential of thousands of square metres of vacant commercial premises held by rue de la République in Marseille and to define a marketing strategy.

The Solution :
Draco Partners were approached for their deep understanding of the retail premises in the town centre. The study consisted of a comprehensive overview of the many projects underway in Marseille in order to reposition the rue de la République project in a very specific market context.

The Result :
The method of analysis developed by Draco Partners allowed the definition of a precise strategy, including a block by block merchandising plan (15 blocks, between 10 and 20 lots per block), with detailed recommendations about the timing of the operation, marketing and communication to put in place, the delivery conditions of the premises, potential rental conditions.

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