Projet Cité des Loisirs – Eragny


Références Eragny

The Mission :
In the context of a public bid being launched at the end of 2003 by the mayor of Eragny and the Cergy Pontoise Region, Draco Partners associates itself with CGiic (Building Development Advisory) and Plan Créatif (Architect) to respond to this retail park bid orientated towards leisure.

The Solution :
Draco Partners conducted a feasibility study based on the concept of three sub sections – nature, family leisure, adult leisure. The financial appraisal was elaborated with function of the lease parameters to each component of the merchandising plan.

The Result :
The mayor of Eragny and the representatives of the Agglomeration of Cergy Pontoise elected our team in Spring of 2004 to execute the studies of feasibility and in order to search for an institutional real estate investor over the base of this project.

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