Tour Oxygene / Lot R – Lyon Part Dieu


Références Tour Oxygene

Références Tour Oxygene

The Mission :
In the context of an advisory instruction and of the development of a commercial scheme projected to the bottom of the Tour Oxygène, launch a feasibility study relating to the eventual unification of these 10,000 m² GLA developed over 5 storeys by the developer Sogelym Steiner.

The Solution :
Draco Partners conducted a study based on current plans for Lyon’s shopping centre PART DIEU and on points for possible junctions. A state of activities and present retailers were implemented in order to propose a new plan for merchandising and valorisation of the asset.

The Result :
Sogelym Steiner used this feasibility study to envision the meeting scenario with this current commercial centre and essentially negotiate this with its institutional owners.

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