Portefeuille Commerces Evergreen / 150 boutiques – Paris


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Références Generali Westbrook

The Mission :
In the context of a tender organised within two stages, launched by Westbrook Partners in June 2004. Draco Partners’ expertise were employed by Generali Immobilier to manage this transaction. A detailed valorisation study was expected for a portfolio consisting of 150 stores situated in 50 Parisian Buildings, with a total surface area exceeding 21 000 m². During the second stage, a strategic recommendation for medium to long term valorisation had to be delivered for each of the retail premises.

The Solution :
Draco Partners conducted, in a data room during summer 2004, a highly detailed study of implementation sites for the stores, studying the keys of optimisation for the portfolio and for every unit a synthesis document that will be ultimately used by the asset manager.

The Result :
Using the studies conducted by Draco Partners, Generali Immobilier has been able to optimise their analysis of this complex portfolio and gain this tender, for an investment amount of approximately 100 million Euros.

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